Vehicle financing without Dunch and credit check. And if you want to buy a new car, you can dig deep into your pocket and you can not always pay the price out of the savings. Even with a bad Dunch financing your dream car on favorable terms is no problem. effective annual interest rate, depending on maturity and credit rating. Installment financing without Dunch without bank.

Car financing without Dunch and credit check

You want to pay for your vehicle without Dunch? Today it is difficult to get a car loan, if you have a bad Dunch entry that only a few banks pay without Dunch. Many questionable providers romp about in the trade and want to take the money out of their hands with doubtful financial models.

With bonds from Swiss investors, it is now possible for you to receive your car loan without Dunch. Therefore, more and more people rely on auto financing to settle the purchase amount in installments. In the case of loan financing, the bank’s customers must pay the lender an identical monthly installment – once the fees have been paid, the vehicle is available to them.

As a result, conditions for financing are often better than those for earmarked loans – such as car loans. Above all, the credit rating and the Dunch exam play an important role. 2. Negative values ​​make it almost impossible to finance yourself at a regular house bank.

But there are now some ways to realize a vehicle purchase on part payments.

With me, your booking request is completely free of charge and you pay for your booking request not a penny, this is completely free of charge and completely non-binding. This is not a problem for me. Even if your credit has been approved, you will not pay me a penny in advance without having received your credit.

Send me your question directly via the internet and within a few moments you will receive a non-binding conversation. If you decide to do so, we will pay your balance immediately upon receipt of your documents to a bank account of your choice.

How important is Dunch’s car financing? Many consumers fear that they will already have a Dunch entry during a credit comparison. However, this is not the case if you only make a conditional wish – this has no effect on the Dunch score. Only then, when an order for a car financing is targeted, it will trigger a credit report.

At the Dunch, the house bank then checks the creditworthiness of the debtor, which, of course, does not result in a negative entry of the Dunch. Only when several loan applications for a car financing due to a bad Dunch were submitted without success, the Dunch score decreases and the credibility of the consumer. But what is this Dunch score?

On this basis, the house bank can review the payment behavior of the consumer against a car loan commitment commitment and determine how high the risk of default is. A Dunch result must therefore always have a good value, otherwise it is difficult to get a car financing. One can only then alternatively and in another way seek a car financing without Dunch.

Car financing without Dunch – is that even possible? People with lower earnings, in particular, often have to use the funds to buy a car. In an installment purchase, however, good Dunch information is usually unavoidable. Often the question arises as to whether car financing is possible even without Dunch or whether there are ways to undermine a credit check on a loan request.

There are in principle some possibilities, so that a car financing without Dunch is not completely hopeless.


If you want to finance a car without Dunch, you have the opportunity to contact the car dealer or a related vehicle bank. Because a demand is not always addressed to the Dunch, if a consumer is interested in a financing possibility.

If you have been with the relevant retailer for a long time and have not noticed anything negative so far, the possibilities for car financing without Dunch are of course much greater. A trader then trusts in the good business relationship and does not even want to initiate a credit check or a Dunch request. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate a car financing without Dunch absolutely exactly before making a purchase decision.

Again, loan information is often provided, but this is not a fixed rule and the conditions are usually low. So if you want to realize a car financing without Dunch, this variant can be a worthwhile option. Even without Dunch and credit check you can get a car finance by contacting a loan broker.

This is an intermediary that forwards the financing to foreign banks that do not perform a check or credit check – in many other countries, these are often not necessary. Before deciding on a car finance, it is always advisable to compare different service providers.

In our Internet portal, you have the opportunity to compare different service providers with each other, if you want to buy a car. In a few moments you will see the qualified lenders and all the conditions from which you only have to choose the right one.

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