What are the terms and how can I apply for a loan at Asukara ? Banco Asukara offers several options for you to have access to personal loan contracting, with a different modality for each type of need. The credit is released easily, without bureaucracies, and the amount of the personal loan released is deposited directly into your checking account.

Examples of the credit modalities offered and the facilities of each of them you find just below.

One of the loan modalities is Personal Credit Protection Asukara Award , where you can pay your loan in 48 months with a grace period of 59 days for the payment of the first installment. With the hiring of this type of credit you will still be hiring the Premium Lender Insurance that protects your credit in case of unforeseen events that jeopardize the payment of the installments and also allows you to compete for three prizes of R $ 20 thousand per month during the period year.

To meet the specific needs of those seeking credit for education, Asukara offers the Credi-University .

loan credit

In this mode of credit you have access to up to R $ 2 thousand for the purchase of books, computers, school supplies and everything else you need to meet the needs that arise throughout the year of those who attend higher education. In addition to the special conditions to facilitate hiring, you can still repay your loan within 24 months.

Continuing Education Credit

In order to meet those who seek personal and professional improvement through education, Asukara offers Continuing Education Credit , with special financing conditions for those who wish to study Specializations such as an MBA or a master’s degree in national institutions accredited to the bank. Payment of the loan amount can be made within 36 months and the amount released can cover up to 100% of the course fee.

Asukara Fast Credit

By hiring the Fast Credit Asukara mode you get the credit you want quickly and securely in your checking account, without any red tape and without delay, meeting your most immediate needs.

In addition to the ease in receiving the loan amounts, the payment is also facilitated, being discounted from your checking account through a single installment. This way you clear your debts and keep your credit protected for other goals.

Super Simple Loan

Super Simple Loan

For those who are looking for a fast loan without red tape, you can also count on the Super Simple Asukara Loan . In this mode you pay only R $ 50 in installments for R $ 1 thousand of contracted credit, so it is easy to control your finances without giving up your dreams.

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Do you want to know more about the facilities to apply for a loan in Asukara? Visit the bank’s website and check out these and other ways to get the money you borrow with the conditions you need.

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